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Why have pearls been considered ideal wedding gifts?

wedding pearl gifts

wedding pearl gifts

Since pearls were found and collected, they were considered the most valuable and the oldest known gem, symbolizing wealthy, elegance and power in all ages.

Bridal and marriage customs can still remind family and wedding guests of the ancestor’s ethnic heritage. Although with the passing of time, some of wedding customs as traditions practiced today have often lost their original importance and symbolic meaning. Modern couples today can glean many wonderful ideas from the past cultures to make their wedding thesis revive.

Today, what is more important is that pearls represent purity, innocence and holiness, and are as much a wedding jewel as diamonds. That is sort of promise for love and marriage. Thus pearls are unblemished perfection for wedding. Just have a look at a bridal shop or wedding catalogue. You’ll find pearls, both fake and real, decorating wedding gowns, veils, tiaras, gloves, purses, ring-bearer pillows, cake toppers and party favors. And at weddings, you’ll notice that pearl jewelry have become essential jewelry for both the bride and bridesmaids.

Nowadays, the tradition of bestowing pearls upon the bride continues. Often the father of the bride or the groom gives the gift of pearls. Many brides and groom give pearl engagement or promise pearl rings each other. A marriage ceremony with the appropriate marriage customs can be a point of reference for the perfect modern wedding program.

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Pearl and weddings

Wedding Pearl Jewelry

Wedding Pearl Jewelry

The tradition of giving pearls to brides probably dates back to about 1000 BC when the Hindu God Krishna brought forth pearls from the depths of the sea to give to his daughter on her wedding day. It continued with the ancient Greeks, who believed that pearls would ensure a happy marriage. The association between pearls and weddings reached a peak during the 14′ and 15′ centuries when everyone from the bride to her male guests was adorned in pearls.

Such a belief can be found from ethnic wedding customs around the world. For example, the ancient Greeks considered pearls as “wedding gem” that would help ensure marital bliss and prevent newlywed brides from crying in wedding experience. See more details about wedding & pearls here, http://www.pearlhours.com/index.php?pearl-and-weddings.html

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Bridal Pearl Jewelry

How to Select Bridal Pearl Jewelry

1. The bride’s pearl jewelry should be well matched. For example, her pearl earrings should be of the same type and color as her pearl necklace. The bride is the featured attraction, so she should expect that her guests will be closely examining everything she’s wearing on this special day.

2. Pearl jewelry should be color-coordinated with the pearls on the gown rather than with the gown itself. For example, if the gown is ivory-colored and the pearls on it are white, the bride’s pearl jewelry should also be white. The pearls on the gown should be the same color as those on the veil. In sum, all the pearls the bride is wearing should look like they were made to go together… More tips on bridal pearl jewelry here.


bridal pearl jewelry, pearl necklace, pearl hours

bridal pearl jewelry, pearl necklace, pearl hours