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Pearl Jewelry Gifts for ThanksGiving Day

Thanksgiving is a happy time to sharing food with family and friends; but how to express your gratitude for another blessed year? Though to most the Thanksgiving holiday is not synonymous with jewelry, in truth if you are looking for incredible deals on quality jewelry, Thanksgiving is one of the best times in a year to buy.

Nothing won’t be better than a pearl gifts and show special someone just how much they mean to you and how thankful you are to have that person in your life. From simple pearl stud to classis white pearl strand, Pearl Hours offers tremendous selection of great thanksgiving jewelry deals.

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6-7mm white pearl strand

6-7mm white pearl strand

tahitian pearl earrings, tahiti pearls, pearl hours

tahitian pearls, pearl pendant, black pearls

black tahitian pearl ring, pearl hours

Men’s Pearl Jewelry

When talking about pearl jewelry, most of us think about the beaitful accessory for female; only a few of us will remind of the though that a man wearing pearls, but it is a strange thing if we see a man with a pearl cufflink, pendant or even a pearl ring.

This tradition has been change recent years and many male celebrities began to wear pearls in public, and more and more companies are designing and producing men’s pearls. Not the same like varied colors choises of lady’s accessory, black pearls gained the most popularity abroad for a long time; and famous stars wear single leather pearl pendant to showcase their handsome and powerful.

Now the choices of men’s pearl jewelry is rich, from formal pearl Cufflinks for businessmen to the powerful and thick pearl band; and the leather pearl pendant/bracelet is still in trend, with pearls in rould or baroque pearls hows the great sense of beauty.  And we believe that black pearls are born for men.

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Tahitian Pearl Leather Bracelet for Men

Tahitian Pearl Leather Bracelet for Men

Pearl Jewelry Gifts for Christmas

Celebrating the most exciting moments of the year and giving gifts has been big events for such occasions.

Pearls are classic, timeless and elegant jewelry staple for women; so it is the perfect gift for your beloved ladies during holiday season. A pair of pearl earrings, a white pearl strand, nice ring setting with aaa pearls…nothing would be better than a gemstone like pearls, which showcase the beauty and taste of a lady completely.

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tahitian pendant, black pearl pendant

tahitian pendant, black pearl pendant

How to Select Gift for Her Birthday?

white south sea pearl ring

white south sea pearl ring

Birthday, a special moment of your great girl or lady, she deserves to have wonderful gift from you. Make this moments that extra special by pampering the lady in your life with great present. It is a perfect way to show your affections and love to her, so learn the gift ideas follow:

1. Be romantic

Girls and ladies are always emotional, and could be touched by something not expensive but creative and romantic. Giving red rose is usual way, and why not bake her a cake or invite her for outdoor activities like camping and so on?

2. Something says “I love you”
Heart-shaped presents are always the top choice and you can even make it more special, like name engraving on the heart pendant, or photos attach on a heart-shaped frame…

3. Provide a romantic weekend or a short trip around.
Bring her or the whole family to somewhere that she never been, arranged safe and wonderful activities; or just take her to the city theater for the performance she loves…

4. Something nice and traditions
This does not mean that you will limit your choice by the traditonal birthday cakes and red rose. After all, jewelry, clothes and other accessory are perfect for ladies. Gemstones like pearls, diamond are the top choice; while the silver and white gold are the popular present.

A Pearl is a gift for all occasions. Giving pearls to a loved one presents her with the very finest of nature’s gifts, yet pearls are the least understood of all jewels. Each pearl bead is unique and has its own story. So see the stunning pearl gifts from PearlHours.com, http://www.pearlhours.com/gift-showcase.php