Men’s Pearl Jewelry

When talking about pearl jewelry, most of us think about the beaitful accessory for female; only a few of us will remind of the though that a man wearing pearls, but it is a strange thing if we see a man with a pearl cufflink, pendant or even a pearl ring.

This tradition has been change recent years and many male celebrities began to wear pearls in public, and more and more companies are designing and producing men’s pearls. Not the same like varied colors choises of lady’s accessory, black pearls gained the most popularity abroad for a long time; and famous stars wear single leather pearl pendant to showcase their handsome and powerful.

Now the choices of men’s pearl jewelry is rich, from formal pearl Cufflinks for businessmen to the powerful and thick pearl band; and the leather pearl pendant/bracelet is still in trend, with pearls in rould or baroque pearls hows the great sense of beauty.  And we believe that black pearls are born for men.

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Tahitian Pearl Leather Bracelet for Men

Tahitian Pearl Leather Bracelet for Men

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