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Bridal Pearl Jewelry

How to Select Bridal Pearl Jewelry

1. The bride’s pearl jewelry should be well matched. For example, her pearl earrings should be of the same type and color as her pearl necklace. The bride is the featured attraction, so she should expect that her guests will be closely examining everything she’s wearing on this special day.

2. Pearl jewelry should be color-coordinated with the pearls on the gown rather than with the gown itself. For example, if the gown is ivory-colored and the pearls on it are white, the bride’s pearl jewelry should also be white. The pearls on the gown should be the same color as those on the veil. In sum, all the pearls the bride is wearing should look like they were made to go together… More tips on bridal pearl jewelry here.


bridal pearl jewelry, pearl necklace, pearl hours

bridal pearl jewelry, pearl necklace, pearl hours